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WealthShield Book Analysis

The Backbone to Your Transition

As part of our onboarding process at WealthShield, we require that each advisor complete a Book Analysis. During this process, we will evaluate your current book of business for strengths and weaknesses. This information enables us to customize the investment onboarding process to your unique business profile and to ensure all of your clients are being serviced at the appropriate levels.

Get Started Following 3 Easy Steps!

Want to Take this Analysis a Step Further?
Introducing the AB Touchpoint System

AB Touchpoint System
Take a deeper dive into your book of business with the AB Touchpoint System powered by the Resilient Advisor. This system is an extension of the book analysis program, where our consultant will work with you to segment your book into A, B, and Z categories. Using this segmentation, our team will establish various touchpoints and communication workflows to ensure you are providing a white glove client experience tailored to the unique needs and constraints of each investor you support. 

CRM Integration
The AB Touchpoint system can be particularly helpful when onboarding to a new CRM during your transition. Your team can work with the platform of your choosing to integrate this system into your day-to-day CRM workflows to keep your team on track. 

WealthBox CRM
Using the WealthBox CRM? Our consultant can use the results of this analysis to build your custom touchpoint system and its associated workflows into your WealthBox account.

To learn more about how to get started with the AB Touchpoint System, contact Jay Coulter today!