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CMT® Association | 2018 Annual Symposium

Navigating the GAP: Forces That Influence Price Dynamics

45th Annual Symposium

Join the CMT® Association on April 12th-13th as leading experts in the investment management & portfolio research industries team up to discuss advancing disciplines in the field. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how emerging technical analysis tools can help your firm improve your investment strategy, maximize process efficiency, and minimize the influence of behavioral biases in your portfolios. WealthShield Co-Founder Clint Sorenson is one of several keynote speakers confirmed for this event. 

Who: The CMT® Association 

What: Symposium Focusing on the emerging discipline of technical analysis

When: April 12th-13th

Where: Convene Conference Center, NYC

For more detail on registration, confirmed speakers, and topics to be discussed, please click here.