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Q2 2019 Quarterly Outlook

  • Valuations remain elevated for US equities and future returns look set to be below average.

  • Economic growth continues to slow globally and domestically.

  • The 4 week average of the Weekly Leading Index (WLI) is down -2.54% year over year.

  • Stocks had a great quarter with the S&P 500 up 13% in Q1. It was the best quarter for equities since 1998.

  • The FTSE Total World Stock Market Index remains in a negative trend relative to Treasury notes across intermediate and long-term time frames. It is positive in the short term. 

  • Over the last quarter, high beta dominated the factor landscape. Low Volatility is the top performing factor over the last six months.

  • Technology was the top performing sector for the quarter. Real estate is the top sector over the last six months. 

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